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Lena Fay

A Pioneer for the Ages

With our primary concern being the protection and preservation of our Mother Earth and the people and animals that live here, Green Earth Frog, LLC has taken inspiration from a pioneer in environmental protection, Lena Fay.  In honor of Lena Fay, Green Earth Frog LLC has named our personal care product line after her.  We also carry on Lena Fay’s tradition of good cooking and tips for caring for home and environment with our Lena Fay International Cookbook and Blog.

Here is Lena Fay’s story:

Lena Fay was born July 4, 1847 in Possum Hollow, East Tennessee, on the banks of the Okanofa River.

On June 26, 1884, Lena Fay led one of the first environmental protests to take place in the USA, setting a precedent. Concerned about the dumping of garbage into the Okanofa River by certain local businesses, Lena Fay took action and organized a group of local suffragists to join her. Together they deliberately boycotted the businesses doing the polluting. Within two weeks, said polluters ceased dumping their garbage in the river. A waste dumpsite was created out of town, and the river became clean again.

On August 13 of that same year, Lena Fay won one of the first barbeque cook-offs in the USA with her famous honey barbeque sauce. She used the local young possum ribs as her meat of choice.

Rumor has it that Lena Fay's great-granddaughter—also named Lena Fay—found her great-grandmother's almanacs in the family's attic. The young Lena Fay, a modern-day environmentalist in her own right, has agreed to share items from the 19th Century almanacs in a blog, interspersed with current scientific and historical tidbits based on her own research and experience. You may also enjoy some plain old how-to ideas for kitchen, home and garden—and of course, tips on maintaining a healthy environment. Lena Fay adores children (of whom she has many) and includes children in her Blog.

Lena Fay's Blog accompanies her International Cookbook on our website. Be sure to visit the Cookbook for recipes old and new, and add your own recipe just for fun. You will receive a 20% discount on on your first Green Earth Frog product order for uploading a recipe. And don't forget to sign up for the Blog!