What is it that makes your products so special?

Green Earth Frog uses a special process in creating our products, which is registered and trademarked under the Preventex patent. The MonoClean® process uses a "work force" of unique ingredients that prevents the "Germ Trinity" of Mold, Bacteria and Viruses from growing and thriving. A significant addition to the process is the protective coating that Monoclean® leaves behind, so that this work force can successfully perform its job up to weeks after being used. Each and every component of all of our products is a food-grade ingredient.

How can I choose a charity?

Whenever you place an order, you will see a prompt that says, "Find a Charity". This will provide a dropdown box with the names of the charities Green Earth Frog supports. Just click on the charity you choose, and your charity will receive a donation with every order you make. If you want to nominate a worthy charity of your own choosing for donations, let us know by clicking on the Contact Us button.

Can I set up regular shipments, so I don't have to keep ordering products?

Yes, we have an Auto Ship program, which enables you to have regular orders shipped to you as often as you like. When  you are placing your next order, look for the Sign up for auto ship prompt on the checkout page.

How do I get my 20% product discount for uploading a recipe in the Lena Fay International Cookbook?

It's simple. Just upload the recipe. Then when you place your first order, you will be requested to provide additional information to your Cookbook registration. Upon checkout, your 20% discount will be applied to your purchase.