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Easy Butter Icing (used for Welcome Spring Cake)




Back Story of this Recipe

This is the Butter Icing my Mom and I both have used for quick finishing of cakes and cupcakes. This is the base for the Welcome Spring Cake icing.


You can substitute vegetable shortening (Crisco) if you want a pure white or stiffer icing, but the butter tastes SO much better! Your imagination can take this in any decor theme you chose. If you want a colored icing, add your drops of food coloring before you begin adding the cream. The Welcome Spring Cake has coconut pressed on top of the icing, not mixed into it, so you can make the icing itself any color and the coconut makes a pretty white texture on top...with flowers sitting on top of the coconut for a bright, colorful finish.


Calories 102 kcal 5%
Cholestrerol 85 kcal 3%


1/3 cup soft butter
3 cups SIFTED confectioners sugar
about 3 tbsp cream (you can use milk)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla


Blend together butter and sugar
Stir in until smooth, cream and vanilla. Add the vanilla (and any food coloring ) first and slowly add the cream or milk until the icing is the consistency you want for your cake.
For layers; divide the icing into thirds. Frost the top of your bottom layer with one third. Place top layer on top of frosted bottom layer. Frost sides with another third of the icing. Frost the top with last third. Sprinkle generously with coconut, press slightly to keep it in place and let icing set up. (Use this step for anything that will cover the surface, such as chocolate or rainbow sprinkles).