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Green Earth Frog’s Mission Statement speaks to two principles guiding our selection of charities for our support.

Mission # 1

Green Earth Frog (GEF) offers earth-friendly products which not only “do no harm”, but also support, sustain, and enhance the life and health of our earth home and its inhabitants. 

At the heart of this mission are our earth and people-friendly products.  However, we also choose to support to the work of those organizations which contribute in a significant way to this mission—the “greening and re-greening” of Mother Earth. We have carefully selected a few outstanding nonprofit organizations for our support.

We have several criteria for supporting and listing an environmental nonprofit on our site, with Charity Navigator as our research guide.

·         The organization must be doing significant work to support the environment.

·         The lion’s share of donations received by the organization must go towards the mission of the nonprofit—the actual work—rather than administrative or peripheral activities.

Mission # 2

GEF creates new mechanisms for customers and supporters to give back to their communities through charitable donations both direct and indirect.

Having selected several outstanding environmental charities, we provide our list to each customer upon purchase of a GEF product so that a portion of each purchase can be directed to the charity they have selected. We also work with our customers to include charities important to them and their communities, such as their churches and schools, which we will add to our list of approved charities if they choose to partner with GEF. Fundraising opportunities are available to these organizations both through product purchases by their members and the sale of the Lena Fay International Cookbook®

In addition to facilitating customer donations, at the end of each fiscal year, we select a group of GEF-approved charities to receive a percentage of our net profits.

Please refer to our list of charities below.

Sign into your GEF account to select a charity for donations when you make your next purchase. 



Green Earth Frog Approved Charities

Acadia Center

Advancing the Clean Energy Future


Alliance for the Great Lakes

Ensuring a living resource for all generations


Amazon Conservation Association

Conserving the biological diversity of the Amazon Basin


Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Ensuring the Trail’s Future


Beyond Pesticides

Because freedom from pesticides is everybody’s right

Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.


Clean Water Fund

You make the difference!



The Conservation Foundation

We save land, we save rivers.


The Conservation Fund

Conservation working for America



Coral Reef Alliance

Uniting communities to save coral reefs


Ecology Center

Healthy people, healthy planet


Fauna & Flora International

Innovative conservation since 1903


Friends of the Earth

Championing a healthy and just world


Natural Resources Defense Council

The earth’s best defense


Rain Forest Action Network

Environmentalism with teeth


The Sierra Club Foundation

A healthy planet begins with a strong foundation.



Sustainable Conservation

Because the environment is everyone’s business


Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Guaranteeing you a place to hunt and fish

Unity of Music City

Creating experiences of authentic transformation!


Water Keeper Alliance

The voice for the world’s waters


Wild Earth Guardians

A force for Nature