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LED Lighting

LED Lighting is an efficient lighting solution that generates smart and trusted financial return. One of the most innovative, calculated and sustainable technological advancements in the lighting industry, LED lighting stands for “Light Emitting Diodes. A diode is a semiconductor device with two terminals that typically allows the flow of current in one direction only. Different from the traditional light bulbs which include neon incandescent, and compact fluorescent lighting, LED lighting offers technical advantages, including increased safety, reduced maintenance costs, longer life spans, and lower energy use.

The LED product we primarily support is a true retrofit, not a fixture replacement.We do carry a multitude of products to service your account, but our primary focus is retrofit products that replace the internal electronics and lights, not the fixture. In a nutshell, we take out the current ballast and bulbs and replace that with our driver and LED products, leaving your current fixture in place, which is less expense than what is generally offered by our competitors—and with a quality product. We are able to do any T-5-8-12 or other fluorescent fixture greater than 21.5’ wide and all high bay applications, along with other ancillary products such as emergency exits, canopy lights, etc. If you are doing a new installation, we also have those products, but our core is retrofits.

The Many Benefits of Replacing Your Current Lighting

– No Fixture Replacement
– Quick and Easy Retrofit Installation
– More Natural Light, Full Spectrum
– 5 Year Adapter / 10 Year LED Warranty
– UL Listed 160,000 Hours
– No Discoloring or Dimming Over the Life of the Bulb
– Public / Private Financing, with no out of pocket cost
– Energy Savings Paying for the Financing
– Utility Provider Incentive(s)

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