Who are we and why “Green Earth Frog” (GEF)?

Green Earth Frog (GEF) began several years ago with a dream. Picture a business selling products that are good for the earth and good for the people who enjoy using them….  Then imagine ways customers can contribute to worthwhile charities with a single click.... Imagine an International Cookbook with recipes shared by visitors to the site, including recipe histories and videos…. 

Who says good business, good health and good fun don’t mix?

You may ask, “So where did the name 'Green Earth Frog' come from, anyway?  And why should I buy Green Earth Frog products?”

Well, the F.R.O.G. portion of our name refers to our belief that we are “Fully Relying on God” as our inspiration and our guide.  It is our intention to be of service in this world, knowing that if we do well for people, they will do well for us.  So we have priced our products to be fair, rather than to create excessive profits first.

As for 'Green Earth', that is what we champion!  We support not only our Mother Earth, but also the people and animals that live on the Earth. Our products are all “green”, enhancing and supporting the environment.  And we make it possible for our customers to contribute to worthwhile "green" causes with every purchase, as well as supporting environmentally friendly charities ourselves.

Our Vision and Mission statements are below.  We welcome you to our site, whether you are here simply to have fun with our Lena Fay International Cookbook®, or you wish to purchase our environmentally friendly products. Or both.  Enjoy!


Fully Relying on God (F.R.O.G.), Green Earth Frog supports our Mother Earth, while enhancing the lives of all her inhabitants.


1.       Green Earth Frog (GEF) offers earth-friendly products which not only “do no harm”, but also support, sustain, and enhance the life and health of our earth home and its inhabitants. 

2.      GEF creates new mechanisms for customers and supporters to give back to their communities through charitable donations, both direct and indirect.

3.      GEF provides opportunities for person-to-person sharing and nonprofit fundraising through its Lena Fay International Cookbook. 


Who we are:

David E. Baker, Sr.


Owner, Floor America

Nashville TN


Bea Leff


Nashville TN


Les Leff


Nashville TN


Dominic Mogavero

Founder/ Partner

Plantation FL


Marcus Lindemann

Graphic Designer/Vendor-Partner

Bradenton FL


Mari McDowell

Writer/Researcher/Cookbook Manager

Nashville TN


Newton Charles

Web Developer

Owner, Chronicle Systems, Inc.

Baldwin NY


Barna Kakonya


Hollywood FL


Kurt Shafer


Owner, Invisco Whole House Fans

Temecula CA


David (Jun) Sheng

Manufacturer/Consultant/Chinese Representative

Owner, Wellrun International Limited; Entire Select Inc.

Plantation FL/Shanghai, China


Allen Stanley

LED Sales/Songwriter

Nashville TN


Rick A. Murrin

IT and Business Consultant

San Jose CA


Valerie Dennison

Creative Consultant/Massage Therapist

Owner, Omniquest Living

Nashville TN


…and our inspiration, Lena Fay